MAAKH Educational & Cultural Complex

MAAKH Educational and Cultural Holding has been operating since February 2009 and currently owns the rights of 3 companies with the names of MAAKH Educational and Cultural Institute, Manzoomeh Andisheh Khaleghi Company & Parto Tejarat Anik Company, which respectively are active in the fields of education, Culture and business. The organizational mission of the holding is to provide all kinds of cultural and educational quality services at different levels from elementary to university and beyond.

1- MAAKH Educational and Cultural Institute is working with the following goals and issues by obtaining the necessary permits from the Ministry of Education of Iran.
The institute with the aim of helping to provide and eliminate bottlenecks and shortages of educational spaces, expand educational activities of students in order to take advantage of the potential of the people by attracting public participation in accordance with the law establishing non-governmental schools approved by the Islamic Parliament and in accordance with the executive regulations of the law and the rules and regulations approved by the Ministry of Education and the approvals of the Higher Education Council and its main activities will be as follows.
A) Establishment, operation and management of non-governmental schools in different levels of education, including preparatory, primary, secondary and tertiary and vocational schools, in compliance with the new educational system of the country.
B) Establishing reinforcement classes and entrance exam preparation and establishing free scientific schools and establishing foreign language schools.
C) Providing cultural, educational and upbringing services and establishing sports, recreational, artistic centers and places and organizing and holding exhibitions in the field of extracurricular activities in relevant educational units.
D) Membership and participation in non-governmental educational and cultural cooperatives and renting, purchasing and constructing suitable spaces for educational activities with the observance of common standards and after approving the renovation, development and equipping of schools in the country and preparing the necessary facilities and equipment for educational units. And upbringing such as teaching aids and educational technology and laboratory equipment’s etc. and performing all activities and providing services in the field of promotion and generalization of education, after going through formalities and legal steps and observing non-governmental aspects in each case and rules and Relevant regulations.
At present, Rahjoye Danesh Free Scientific School, located in the 11th education district of Tehran, MAAKH Olympiad Training Center and MAAKH Talent Test Center are subdivisions of this institute.

2- Manzoomeh Andisheh Khaleghi Company, after obtaining the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the field of publishing books, preparing and distributing books and paper, and holding book exhibitions, seminars and related conferences inside and outside the country. "digital publishing" which is an examples of Its activities include: placing information, audio, written or a combination of information and content in digital format on various topics offered through digital carriers such as CDs and placing digital visual, audio, written or a combination of digital content. They are available to the public through the World Wide Web and the National Information Network and through the mass SMS system and the telecommunication smart phone network licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and all appropriate measures to publish written and unwritten publications and News Agency activities and It also provides psychological services and career counseling.
Currently, MAAKH Media Digital Publishing, Ramz Publishing House, Lernoline Virtual Learning Center, the Academy of Change, and MAAKH News Agency are some of the company's subsets.

3- Parto Tejarat Anik Company has been registered with the aim of providing cultural-educational items and now, after receiving the necessary permits from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare in the form of International Employment Office, it has identified foreign labor markets and after the necessary trainings, applicants. Accompanies for admission, residency and scholarship in different countries of the world.

MAAKH's Literature and Knowledge Holding Cultural Holding Network

Customers: MAAKH students and their families consider MAAKH as the center of the best educational services in the country and its graduates consider it as the most successful graduates. They are loyal to the educational centers under MAAKH and recommend it to others as a center with the advantage of scientific and cultural comprehensiveness.
Staff: Teachers, writers, translators, faculty, and MAAKH executives strive to do what they can in a creative, dynamic, vibrant, and motivating environment. Continuous improvement and learning has enabled MAAKH staff to achieve a high level of educational, training and executive skills; Because they see MAAKH's growth and success as their growth and success, and they feel satisfied and proud to work in it. They are loyal to MAAKH and are proud of the name and symbol of MAAKH.
Stakeholders: A group of managers and investors interested in educating young people who take pride in launching such a series and prioritize family satisfaction and their children's academic success over their own economic interests.
Strategic Partner Companies: They have formed a vast, loyal, and leading network that commits the MAAKH Holding to fulfilling its commitments and feeling satisfied with their long-term win-win relationship with MAAKH.